Warped Grooves

by Edward Phillips

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released November 30, 2012



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Edward Phillips Newark, New Jersey


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Track Name: Unnatural Code
Love isn’t something I know nor something I need
Love makes a woman go slow when I want her to leave
Love used to be what I thought of you
Love used to see who was god to you
Love’s the hardest muscle to grow so it’s hate that I need

Love is an answer I’m told but I don’t believe
Love’s just a problem I’ve known to cause me some grief
Love used to be one more part of you
Love makes it easy to be hard on you
Love is a language you wrote that no one can speak

Everyone tells me I’m living it and I should already know
But everywhere I’d been giving it always left me alone

Love’s an unnatural code that I just can’t read
I’d rather hang from your rope than walk on your leash
Love never puts out his arm to you
Love used to only do harm to you
Love isn’t something I show cause it can’t be seen
Track Name: Bloody Bayou
no shot just heard em screaming
throwing trash on the roof
the hallways tamest goon is leading
bloody bayou

i dont care about life
but its sad to see you lose
turned right and id seen it
bloody bayou

what more could i do its just crime crime crime
so this time it was you and not mine mine mine
im alright right right fine

i dont feel safe when i go out driving
i watch the world from my room
looking through my peephole watching
bloody bayou

the telephones ringing twice
it cries all afternoon
turns out that im laughing
bloody bayou

even if you say i wanted to lose
theres notthing i know how to do but ask
tomorrow is never in front of you
because its all bad

no shot just bullets breathing
on orleans avenue
let me live i dont need my freedoms
bloody bayou